Student Activities Building

Student Activities Building is a place for cultivating and developing student leaders to become good and smart people according to the university’s aspirations.

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Get to know the Student Activities Building

          Student Activities Building has been opened together with the first generation of students since 1998 by allocating space for Student Organizations, Student Councils, and some areas have been allocated as convenience stores for students as the Student Activities Building is connected to the former cafeteria.

        In 2020, Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, President of Walailak University has a policy to renovate the student activity building truely for students. In this regard, various room areas have been allocated of the building for real activities and provide sufficient resources for student activities by adding a security system bathroom renovation creating an atmosphere that is conducive to student activities as much as possible.

Renovation of student activities building

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        Associate Professor Dr. Sarawut Paliphot, Vice President for Student Affairs has Assisted in the improvement of student activities building throughout the maintenance period by focusing on being a real incubator for student activists. This building will empower students to make activities fun, creative and safe.

FUN – choosing the color of the activity building reflecting the brightness, cheerfulness, courage, and being a student In order to attract students to come and take advantage of the various activity rooms in the building.

CREATIVE — A completely new renovation of every activity room. Replace the original equipment which has deteriorated over time. The use of indoor lighting emphasizes brightness but saves energy. These are to encourage students’ creativity to design, plan, and brainstorm creative student activities.

SAFETY – The renovastion is an opportunity to set up a building safety system installing electrical systems that have been used continuously for more than 20 years and install CCTV systems both inside and outside the building. To provide university security work to help ensure the safety of students who use the building 24 hours a day, can be confident when inside the student activities building.

Opening Ceremony of the Student Activities Building

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        On July 2, 2020, Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, President of Walailak University presided over the merit-making ceremony and the official opening of the Student Activities Building signage with Associate Professor Dr. Sarawut Paliphot, Vice President for Student Affairs, Associate Professor Dr. Surin Maisrikrot, Vice President for International Affairs and Teaching Development, and Associate Professor Dr. Charan Boonkan, Vice President for Academic Affairs make merit and open the student activity building sign Along with the management team, faculty members, staff, students, honored the event at the Student Activities Building.

       At the same time, they also visited the Student Activities Building ready to participate in activities in the club room of all 15 students in the club rooms. e.g. Praduu Volunteer Club Room, Thai Dancing and Music Club Room, WMC Room, Muslim Club Room, WU Band Club Room, Buddhism Club Room.

Club rooms inside the Student Activities Building

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Club Room



- Student Organization Office

- Student Council Office

- Central Conference Room

- Dormitory Coordination Center

- WU Volunteer Club Room

- Student Soldier Club Room



- Thai Dance Club Room

- Thai Nusic Club Room

- Cleer Leader Club Room

- WU Band Club Room

- Walailak Music Club Room

- Buddist Student Club Room

- Valunteer & Development Club Room


Student Organization Office

Tel. 075-673000 ext 74004 Everyday 18.00 -22.00 น.

Student Activity Support Department

Tel. 075-673160, 075-673164-6

Mon.-Fri. 08.30 -22.00