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Tutor Center ?!

             Walailak University has established a "Tutor Center" which is a project to develop learning potential for students. The tutor center has two tutoring rooms and a meeting room for activities to promote learning in the private building.

Services at Tutor Center ?!


             Lower grades, low Quiz score, lacking of learning skills, or preparing before the exam, these needs can be success with Tutor Center Turoring System. Our tutors are very successful in their studies with the Academic Scholarship Award guarantee.

Organizing enhancing activities

             Tutor Center, together with Smile & Smart Center, organize activities to enhance learning potential for students such as training courses for various subjects, higher education development programs. Learning from the experiences of successful seniors.

Voices of our tutors

Tutor PLOY

Ms. Napakamon Waremun, School of Nursing (Yr. 3)

Tutoring Subjects: Basic Chemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics and Basic English
Life Motto: Reach Your Dream
Message to Friends:
"Don't miss it!! This is your opportunity!!"

Tutor ICE

Ms. Asisah Yusoh, School of Liberal Arts (Yr. 4)

Tutoring Subjects: Listening - Speaking Chinese, Social Science
Life Motto: Winning yourself is a great victory.
Message to Friends:
"Tutoring here does not mean that you are not good at studying. You are good enough to never stop improving yourself."

Tutor FON

Ms. Yhadpiroon Siri, School of Public Health (Yr. 4)

Tutoring Subjects: Biology
Life Motto: "Do or do not, there is no try"
Message to Friends:
"Changing Grade F to A accomplish here"


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