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What scholarships are available at Walailak University?

Scholarships for outstanding students

The university selects students from the second year onwards with the highest grades of the first 5% in each course in each school. 200 students receive this type of scholarship per semester.

Awards for outstanding performance in sports

Athletic students who can participate and award at the provincial level. national and international The university grants the right to live in university dormitories with a waiver of dormitory fees.

Government Student Loan Services

The university coordinates the borrowing of the government's student loan fund. Students with a minimum grade of 2.00 and a family income of not more than 360,000 baht/year can apply for a loan from the beginning of their studies.

General Scholarship

The university allocates the money that is donated by funding sources and donors. More than 200 scholarships per year can be given to students with good grades but lacking funds.​

Grants for working part-time

This grant is for students who want financial support by working part-time in the University Offices. Remuneration: 3,000 baht per semester.

Emergency Loan

Students in urgent need of money can borrow emergency money 2,000 baht per time without interest. Repay before the end of the semester

Scholarship Student Volunteer

Scholarship Students Club

             Students who receive all types of scholarships at Walailak University come together to do volunteer activities to give back to society as "Scholarship Students Club".

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