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Walailak University Dormitory Services

         The university focuses on organizing mass experiences to facilitate the development of students' potential. Walailak University Dormitories are more than a dormitory, We build our dormitories as the concept of "Living, Learning and Caring Center" to enhance the living environment to contribute to education and learning and encouraging students to take responsibility for themselves respect the rights of others know how to live together as a group, to participate in social responsibility for our students live a happy university life.

Walailak University provides 15 dormitories for students to stay 5,500 beds, divided into dormitories as follows:

Laksananives' Superior

Superior is a general grade dormitory for 4-bed in each room with shared bathroom. There are 2 dormitories for male and 8 dormitories for female. Dormitory fee : 2,700 baht/student/semester

Laksananives' Deluxe

Deluxe is a dormitory with air conditioning for 2 students and built-in restroom. There is 1 dormitory for male and 1 for female. Dormitory fee: 4,500 baht/student/semester plus electricity bill as actually used

Laksananives' Suite

Deluxe is a dormitory with air conditioning for 4 students and built-in restroom. There is 1 dormitory for female. Dormitory fee: 4,500 baht/student/semester plus electricity bill as actually used

WU Residence

Private and Shared rooms with air conditioning. There is one male dormitory (B1) and 3 female dormitories (B2, A1 and A2). Dormitory fee: 5,000 baht/room/month plus electric bill as actually used

Dormitory fee

Dormitory Type



Laksananives : Seperior

For 4 students

General Room for 4 students

- male: 2 dorm
(Laksananives 5 and 7)

- female: 8 dorm
(Laksananivas 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 13 and 14)


- 4 students (2 bunk beds with mattress)

- Desk and chair

- Wardrobe

- Shared bathrooms

2,700 baht/student/semester

Laksananives : Deluxe

For 2 students

Air Conditing Room for 2 students

- male: 1 dorm (Laksananives 17)

- female: 1 dorm (Laksananives 16)


- 2 single beds with mattress

- Desk and chair

- Wardrobe

- Bathroom

 - Electricity Bill as actually used


4,500 baht/student/semester

Laksananives : Suite

- female: 1 dorm (Laksananives 18)

For 4 students

- 4 single beds with mattres

- 2 bedrooms and 1 learning room

- Desks and chairs

 - Wardrobe

 - Living room set


 -Electricity Bill as actually used


4,800 baht/student/semester

WU Residence

For 1-2 students

- male: 1 dorm (Residence B1)

- female: 3 dorms (Residence B2, A1, A2)

- 2 single beds with mattress

- Desk and chairs

 - Wardrobe

 - Sink


 -Electricity Bill as actually used


5,000 baht/room/month

Facts of Our Students

Why Walailak University requires all first-year students
to stay in university dormitories

  • There is a dormitory consultant in every dormitory.
  • Personal High Speed Internet Connection via 3BB Internet Service Provider
  • Security staff at the dormitory 24 hours a day
  • There is a CCTV system inside every dormitory and in the dormitory area.
  • Ambulance service is available 24 hours a day.
  • General Medicines and first aid Kid
  • Cleaning staff to clean up the common areas of the dormitory
  • central activity rooms
  • Hot/cold drinking water service
  • Coin laundry service
  • Interconnection of places for student life such as dormitories, canteens, shops, school buildings, libraries.
  • There are Electric Shuttle Bus service and Covered Walk-Way linkages everywhere around the University .Students may not need their own vehicle.
  • The dormitory fee is very cheap compared to the private dormitory.
  • It is very safe because you don’t have to travel far. There are security guards and CCTV cameras 24 hours a day. Students are confident that they can live with their studies to the fullest.

Dormitory consultants have responsibilities according to the rules of Walailak University Regarding student accommodation, 2001 as follows:

  • Give advice on various issues of students in the dormitory

  • Help students in the dormitory when they get sick or accident

  • Make a dormitory operation plan and organizing various service systems of the dormitory effectively

  • Supervise the safety of students in the dormitory

  • Coordinate with parents, students and other agencies

  • Report to the dormitory supervisor about various problems and deficiencies in the dormitory

  • Coordinate with the guidance unit of Service and Welfare Department in the provision of consulting services

  • Supervise students to comply with university regulations

  • Follow up and take care of counseling students who have been disciplined

  • Support students to do activities to enhance their experiences and build a community of dormitory residents

  • Prepare dormitory student records and evidence related

  • Election of the student dormitory committee

It would be strange for someone who is an only child to have brothers and sisters. You know, having a roommate who cares for us about studying and living in the same room is a rare experience. This will be the first step in the bond – knowing to share and knowing that we are not alone

Activities at the dormitories

0Dormitory is not just a bed.. But dormitory students still have the opportunity to participate in good activities. enhance coexistence
First-Year Welcome
Walailak Goes Green
Openning Dormitory Party
Study Tours
Dormitory Committee Election
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Dormiotory Consultants

Walailak University provides dormitory consultants in every dormitory to assist students in all aspects.
Taking care of students like family

Sumalee Sukohpol

Dormitory Manager
Tel. 0-756-73162 internal 73162

Saowanee Boonyakiat

Laksananives 1
Tel. 0-756-76501 internal 76501

Pornpilas Naraphong

Laksananives 2
Tel. 0-756-76505 internal 76505

Supaporn Kongchaisri

Laksananives 3
Tel. 0-756-76509 internal 76509

Chounpit Kuema

Laksananives 4
Tel. 0-756-76513 internal 76513

Acting LT. Suppachai Plagpla

Laksananives 5
Tel. 0-756-76517 internal 76517

Om Sukplod

Laksananives 7
Tel. 0-756-76521 internal 76521

Kedsanee Khongmuangthae

Laksananives 10
Tel. 0-756-76525 internal 76525

Wilunsiree Thorrarit

Laksananives 11
Tel. 0-756-76529 internal 76529

Nathjanan Sobmoh

Laksananives 13
Tel. 0-756-76533 internal 76533

Wilawan Phuensunthon

Laksananives 14
Tel. 0-756-76537 internal 76537

Amporn Rattanavijit

Laksananives 16
Tel. 0-756-76541 internal 76541

Ornanong Sukplod

Laksananives 18br/ Tel. 0-756-76549 internal 76549

Nittaya Kaenboon

WU Residence Building A
Tel. 0-756-76553 internal 76553

Rungthip Jitpan

WU Residence Building B
Tel. 0-756-76554 internal 76554


Dormitory Coordination Center

Dormitory Coordination Center
WU Residence Dormitory
Tel. 075-676-555, 075-676-556 (Mon.-Fri. 08.30-16.30)

Dormitory Manager Office

Ms. Sumalee Sukohpol

Dormitory Manager

Tel. 075-673162