Being the High Performance Organization which aims to enhance students to be graduates with intelligence and morality

  • Developing the effective and efficient work flow
  • Promoting the use of information systems as a management tool and provide services to students like family
  • Supporting the potential of students to be successful in their studies with intelligence and morality live happily and have a good quality of life


  • Providing quality services and good welfare to students. In order to be ready for study and life, including a system of care, assistance and community activity support for dormitory students. Guidance and Counseling, Student Disability Care, Scholarship Service, accident insurance, military deferment service and military study service.
  • Enhancing the potential of students to have 4 characteristics which are as follows:

    Grateful, Orderliness, Voluntariness and Leadership

  • Strengthening alumni and collaborating with the Walailak University Alumni Association
  • Encouraging physical activity and sports to provide students with good health and sportsmanship

DSA Corporate Culture

  • Creativity
  • Positive Thinking
  • Persistence
  • Service Mind
  • Team Work