Student Activities

Learning outside the classroom through student activities

Why do students have to join activities?

Walailak University has a policy to cultivate its students to be GOOD GRADUATES. This is to ensure that students will graduate to be qualified and valuable personnel of the society. In addition to completing the courses, students must have a cumulative GOODNESS SCORE of 100 in order to complete their studies.

WU 4 Values

The goodness score of 100 consists of four values of Walailak University students.

Gratitude (20 points)

Developing students to recignize the merits and expressions of their benefactors, towards the university, towards the nation, religion, the King as well as enhancing the integrity of students as well as to preserve the arts and culture of the nation.


Discipline (20 points)

Encouraging students to have discipline and responsibility to themselves and society, respect rules and regulations, comply with laws, rules, regulations and announcements. as well as being on time and dress appropriately for the season as well as enhancing health and well-being both physically and mentally Not involved in illusions and drugs. Awareness of safety and environmental stewardship in accordance with 5S principles.


Volunteer (40 points)

Encourage students to have a public mind, sacrifice, and help the public. Contribute to the development of the university and society Conserving natural resources and the environment, as well as enhancing the economy and using resources cost-effectively.


Leadership (20 points)

Developing potential of creative student leaders. Being a good role model for others in self-management and society. Students can build a reputation for the university. Being the creative students. There is an aesthetic in music and art. Ability to coordination and communication in human relations and working with others as well as the development of personality and respect for the rights and freedoms of others.

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Want to do activities during class??

Students can participate in activities in two roles.


In Walailak University, student activities organized by Division of Student Affairs, Dormitory Student Board, Student Organization, Student Councils and more than 20 Students Clubs and Faculty Student Organizations. There are more than 700 activities in 2019 which students can participate according to their interests. Joining these activities can be counted to collect points in the Student Passport of GOODNESS SCORE to complete 100 points.


Some students are committed to becoming “ACTIVISTS” during their university studies. Walailak University has mentors to support student activities. Students can discuss with senior students who have been doing activities before. The student organizations in Walailak University includes Dormitory Student Board, Student Organizations, Student Councils, Faculty Student Clubs. All of these can be a first mentor. Student can ask Student Activities Support Department, Division of Student Affairs as well. Being an activist earns you one year of university residency and a higher points in the Student Passport of GODNESS SCORE than other students.

Thoughts from senior activists

Student Organization President

Ms. Ananya Tipudomlux (P' Yok)

School of Political and Laws



 – Vice President of Basketball Club
 – Basketball Player, University Games of Thailand 2017


 – Secretary General, Student Council of Walailak University
 – Vice President of the Center for Defense Operations and suppressing narcotics, Walailak University
 – Basketball Player, University Games of Thailand 2018


 – President of WU Student Organization
 – Basketball Player, University Games of Thailand 2019

“Studying at the university will understand what is being learned in the classroom, but participating in activities will provide an experience outside of the classroom. Therefore, it should be both studying and participating in activities to have both knowledge and experience.”

Student Organization President

Mr. Thanakon Kaeomet (P' Chuey)

School of Political and Laws



 – Dormitory Student Board of Laksananives 5
 – Special Affairs Working Group, WU Student Organization
 – Buddhist Student Club Board


 – Vice President of Buddhist Student Club
 – Board of the Center for Defense Operations and suppressing narcotics, Walailak University
 – Chairman of the Audit Committee, Faculty of Political Science Student Club
 – Chairperson of the Singha Volunteer Camp Project, Community Development, Anti-Drug


 – President of the Buddhist Student Club
 – Secretary of the Center for Defense Operations and suppressing narcotics, Walailak University

Prize and Award

Yr 1 : Outstanding Student Award 2017 for Student Activities Ethical Activities
Yr 2 : Outstanding Student Award 2017 for Student Activities, Service Activities
Yr 3 : Merit Award, Buddhist Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage, 2019

“Student activities are one of the elements that help develop and increase our leadership potential. Being an activist is like helping to develop ourselves in other areas besides studying.”


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