Student Activity Promotion and Alumni Relations Section

Walailak University's Student Development Cores - 4 Values

Grateful, Orderliness, Voluntariness and Leadership

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Walailak University develops its students to be “good” and “excellent” believing that academic knowledge builds the EXCELLENCY, while student activities develop the GOODNESS.

Major missions of Student Affairs are to encerage our students to be “good students” with 4 characteristics : Grateful, Orderliness, Voluntariness and Leadership.

Missions of Student Activity Support


Supporting Sport and Health Activities

Discipline Development

Encouraging Student Discipline Development


Walailak University Volunteer Center

Student Passport

Collecting Student Activities Records

Art & Culture

Promoting Art & Culture Activities


Walailak University Alumni Unit


Juniors and general students who are interested in being a club member can contact the club that students want to be affiliated with directly or contact Student Organization at Student Activity Building, and Student Activity Support Department at Division of Student Affairs Office, Thai Buri Building.

There are tons of student clubs in Walailak University. Medicine sport club, WU band, wu cover dance, athletics, MC music, orchestra, radio amateurs, Muslim students Students of the military, dance, basketball, badminton, Praduu volunteer, cheerleader, Coast & Ocean Guard, Buddhism, Futsal, Malay language and culture, shooting, volleyball, martial arts and Pancak Silat.

Student Activity Building Renovation 

Students grouped together in the form of affiliations, clubs, academic student clubs, or student dormitory committees wanting to do activities. Initially, students can consult with the activity advisor of any activity unit they are joined with.


In addition, students can also consult the Student Organization or the Student Activities Support Department, Division of Student Affairs to know the guidelines for evaluating the activities asking for the activity budgeting and preparing related documents such as project plan, requesting permission to organize activities and reporting on the results of activities as well.


In Walailak University, student activities organized by Division of Student Affairs, Dormitory Student Board, Student Organization, Student Councils and more than 20 Students Clubs and Faculty Student Organizations. There are more than 700 activities in 2019 which students can participate according to their interests. Joining these activities can be counted to collect points in the Student Passport of GOODNESS SCORE to complete 100 points.


Some students are committed to becoming “ACTIVISTS” during their university studies. Walailak University has mentors to support student activities. Students can discuss with senior students who have been doing activities before. The student organizations in Walailak University includes Dormitory Student Board, Student Organizations, Student Councils, Faculty Student Clubs. All of these can be a first mentor. Student can ask Student Activities Support Department, Division of Student Affairs as well. Being an activist earns you one year of university residency and a higher points in the Student Passport of GODNESS SCORE than other students.

Student Activity Promotion and Alumni Relations Section

ภราดร จีนชาวนา

Mr. Pharadorn Jeenchaona

Student Sport
Student Passport Coordinator
Tel. 075-673000 Internal 73167


Mr. Monthian Sukkun

WU Volunteer Officer
Tel. 075-673000 Internal 73164


Miss Chounpit Kuema

Student Discipline Officer
Tel. 075-673000 Internal 73162


Mr. Om Sukplod

Student Organization Coordinator
Tel. 075-673000 Internal 73175

วงกลม-นางสาวสัชกร ชัยณรงค์

Miss Satchakorn Chainarong

Alumni Officer
Tel. 075-673000 Internal 3160


Mr. Suriyan Thungsaeng

Student Discipline Officer
Tel. 075-673000 Internal 73161


Student Activity Promotion and Alumni Relations Section

Division of Student Support & Development (DSSD),
Thai Buri Building (2nd Floor)
Tel. 075-673160, 075-673164-6 (Office Hours )